Tulsa Attorney BlogPersonal Injury Basics: What Are Damages?

Damages Are Your Compensable Injuries to Yourself and Your Property

Video Transcribed: What are damages? This is Christopher Stevens here certified paralegal with the Wirth Law Office in Tulsa, Oklahoma, working in personal injury in Tulsa.  And today we’re going to be discussing the legal concept of damages.tulsa personal injury attorney

Now, generally speaking, your damages are your compensable injuries to yourself and your property as the result of a personal injury matter. For instance, say you have a motor vehicle collision. Now right off the bat, you’ll likely have some property damage. So the damage to your car, if you happen to have a cell phone, car seat, anything like that, that was damaged in the process, that’s part of your damages.

Additionally, you might have your medical bills. So if you go to a physical therapist, urgent care, your primary care, it’s going to create essentially billing that you owe and that’s part of your damages.

It also covers your pain and suffering. Now in the following videos, we’re going to be discussing in a bit more detail the different types of damages.  If you need a personal injury attorney in Tulsa in which you are seeking legal help concerning your accident, feel free to contact an Oklahoma Personal Injury Attorney.

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