Tulsa Attorney BlogWhat Happens if I Get 7 Points on My Driver’s License in Oklahoma?

There Are Opportunities To Get Your Point Level Reduced

Video Transcribed: What happens if I get seven points on my driver’s license in Oklahoma? I’m Tulsa Traffic Ticket Attorney, James Wirth we’re talking about the Department of Public Safety’s point system related to your driver’s license.Wirth Law Office Tulsa attorney

Anytime you get a traffic conviction, the court clerk reports that back to the Department of Public Safety. For 63 different offenses, that conviction results in the appropriate level of points pursuant to their schedule. That’s put on your license.

As you get more points, insurance companies find out that being on your driving record increases insurance costs for up to five years. But additionally, once you get up to seven, eight, or nine points, it changes a little bit in that there’s an additional requirement. That comes from the Administrative Code for the Department of Public Safety.

It’s 59510-7-5. It notes that once you hit seven, eight, or nine points, the department can send a notice requiring your in-person appearance for an interview, and then you can be interviewed.

Upon completion of that interview, you can be required to complete a defensive driving course, take a review examination or submit medical records related to your mental or physical ability to operate a motor vehicle.

So once you hit that seven-point, you’re at risk of being required to come in for an interview at that point. Failure to appear can result in the loss of your driving privileges. So that is a requirement in order to continue to drive. That’s what happens once you reach that level of points.

There are opportunities to get your point level reduced. We talk about that in some other videos. If you’re dealing with these circumstances, you may want to look for representation. But certainly, you want to talk to an attorney to see if they might be able to provide some assistance. If you are facing a traffic violation in Oklahoma, you can go online to makelaweasy.com.

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