Tulsa Attorney BlogWhat Traffic Offenses are One (1) Point on Your Driver’s License in Oklahoma?

There Are 63 That Cause Points To Go on Your License if You Are Convicted

Video Transcribed: What traffic citations are one point on your driver’s license when you’re convicted in Oklahoma? I’m Tulsa Traffic Ticket Attorney, James Wirth, and we’re talking about the driver’s license point system with the Department of Public Safety in Oklahoma. There’s a list of those citations. There are 63 of them that cause points to go on your license if you are convicted. A lot of those are one-point citations and that’s what this video is about. So what citation offenses give you one point if you are convicted? I’ll read through those.

Failure to display light headlamps. Failure to dim lights as required. Operating a vehicle without required headlamps or with improper or defective headlight lamps. Operating vehicle without required lights or with improper or defective lights other than headlamps.

Operating vehicle without required brakes or with improper or defective brakes. Operating a vehicle without a required muffler or exhaust system or with an improper or defective muffler or exhaust system. Operating a vehicle without required tires or with improper or defective tires. Operating a vehicle without required equipment or with improper or defective equipment.

Transporting hazardous materials without required safety devices or placards. Improper towing or pulling of trailers or vehicles. Starting vehicle unsafely from a parked or stopped position. Operating a vehicle with view obstructed or interference with control another vehicle.

Operating a vehicle without a valid license. Leaving a vehicle unattended with the engine running. Improper lane usage. Changing lanes unsafely. Improper passing. Failure to drive in the proper lane. Passing vehicle on right unsafely. Failure to signal an intention to change vehicle direction or reducing speed suddenly. Failure to give the proper signal.

Driving off the roadway while passing on the right. Making improper entrance or exit from a controlled access roadway. Improper or unsafe turns. Improper backing. Spinning wheels. Interesting here, spinning wheels is listed as a one-point offense.

However, every time I’ve seen a ticket related to spinning wheels, it’s been a wreck plus driving ticket, which they get four points if there’s a conviction. Operating a motor vehicle at a speed greater than or less than reasonable and proper. Coasting or operating with gears disengaged. Failure to follow instructions of a police officer.

Failure to obey instructions of the traffic control device, signal, or sign. Driving around or across a traffic control device, barrier, or barricade. Failure to reduce speed. Driving through or within a safety zone. Impeding traffic or crossing the center median.

That’s the list of offenses where you get one point under license with the Department of Public Safety. Those points do add up. It can cause the loss of your driver’s license and certainly increased insurance costs.

If you’ve got questions about any particular offense or how it relates to your circumstances, you may want to talk to an attorney privately about that. If you are facing a traffic violation in Oklahoma, you can go online to makelaweasy.com.

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