Tulsa Attorney BlogWhat is the RID Program for Oklahoma Defendants?

RID Stands for Regimented Inmate Discipline Program

Video Transcribed: What is the RID program for Oklahoma defendants? I’m an attorney in Tulsa, James Wirth and we’re talking about various issues in criminal defense and criminal procedure in the State of Oklahoma.

And the question is what is the RID program for defendants? And RID actually stands for regimented inmate discipline program. And it’s also sometimes referred to as the delayed sentencing program. And it is a program that you are entitled to if you request it, if you are between 18 and 25 years of age, or if you’re a juvenile who has been ordered to stand trial as an adult. However, it is not for violent offenses listed in the violent offensive statute, the most serious crimes.

So generally, it is for young people who don’t have a prior significant criminal history but are charged with a serious crime that is not on the list of violent offenses. And it kind of acts as a boot camp program.

attorney in TulsaSo once there’s been a finding of guilt before there’s any kind of sentencing, you could request the RID program, and then you’d be ordered to complete that boot camp program with the department of corrections.

Where you go in almost just like an inmate, except it’s supposed to have some benefits tailored to you as part of the program and it’s temporary. You’re not serving a specific sentence. It’s the program that you must complete. And that program is geared between 180 days and one year.

And then upon successful completion of that, you go back before the court for formal sentencing. And at that point, the court can decide to give you a deferred sentence, suspended sentence, in time, or dismiss the charges completely, depending on how well you did in the RID program, as well as depending on the severity of the criminal act that you’re coming before the court on.

So it is an opportunity for some defendants that fit within the program that might benefit from it to do some difficult program, the Bootcamp program, the RID program, to prove to the court that you can make better of your life, take advantage of those opportunities that are given, and therefore, hopefully, avoid a more serious sentence on that.

So if you’ve got questions about that program, how it may apply to your case, you’re going to want to talk to an attorney about that specifically and confidentially to get that scheduled. Go online to makelaweasy.com.

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