Tulsa Attorney BlogWhere to Go to Get a Record Expunged?

Go to the County Courthouse

Video Transcribed:  Where do I go to get my record expunged? I’m an attorney for Expungements in Tulsa, James Wirth, and that’s the question we’re presented with today. Where do I go? And typically we talk about expungement in Oklahoma.

There are multiple types. If you’re talking about a deferred sentence expungement, then normally, hopefully when you get that deferred sentence entered it gives you a sentencing date. You complete everything you’re supposed to complete.

You show up to court on that sentencing date, then it’s expunged at that time. So where do you go? You go to the same court, same courtroom, where you were sentenced at the beginning of that term of probation.

Now, if you’ve got a section 18 expungement, then it’s a little bit different. And if you do a deferred sentence expungement, but they didn’t give you a court date to come back, then you’ll want to request that that be set for a court date, same courtroom, same place, but you may have to request to get that order setting a hearing for that deferred sentence expungement date.

Session 18 expungement, it’s going to go back to the same court if it’s in county court because the rule says, where do you go for an expungement? You go to the county court. However, you may want to expunge something from the municipal court.

attorney for Expungements in TulsaSo for instance, here in Tulsa County, we’ve got a municipal court, but if we want to expunge something from Tulsa municipal court, we don’t take it to the judge at municipal court. We don’t take it to that courthouse.

We take it to the county. It always goes to the county because it’s the county. It’s on state laws, which are handled in county court for that section 18 expungement.

So no matter what court it’s in if the court is in Tulsa County if the municipal court could be Bixby, could be Sand Springs, could be Tulsa, no matter what court it’s in as long as that court is in Tulsa County, you are going to go to the Tulsa County district court to file your leading’s for an expungement. And it will be set before a Tulsa County, district judge, or special judge, or associate district judge in the Tulsa County courthouse.

So hopefully that answers that question for you. Where do you go? You go to the county courthouse, not the municipal courthouse, the county courthouse.

If you’ve got more questions about expungement, what you’re eligible for, what the costs are, how long it takes, you’re going to want to talk to an attorney confidentially, privately about that. To get that scheduled, you can go online to makelaweasy.com.

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