Tulsa Attorney BlogIs Domestic Violence a Felony in Oklahoma?

Domestic Violence Can Carry One Year in County Jail

Video Transcribed: Is domestic violence a felony in Oklahoma? I’m Tulsa Criminal defense attorney, James Wirth. And that’s the question that we have is, is domestic violence a felony? And the general rule for a first offense, simple domestic A and B, is a misdemeanor, it has a possibility of up to one year in the county jail.

However, if you have a subsequent offense, that first offense is a predicate to the second one being a felony where the punishment is increased and it goes up to four years imprisonment at that point.

attorney in OklahomaAlso, if we’re not talking about simple assault and battery, if there was an intent to do bodily harm, or there was great bodily injury, or was by strangulation, dangerous weapon, deadly weapon, all of those things can make it a felony on the first offense with larger ranges of punishment for that. But for simple domestic A and B, the first offense is a misdemeanor. Subsequent offense is a felony with up to four years.

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