Tulsa Attorney BlogIs DWI a Felony in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma Has Two Levels of DUI Crimes

Video Transcribed: Is DWI a felony in Oklahoma? I’m Tulsa DWI attorney, James Wirth, and ask the question before we are driving while impaired a felony in Oklahoma? Oklahoma actually has two levels of what we consider DUI crimes.

We’ve got the main crime, which is DUI. That can be a misdemeanor or felony, depending on whether you have prior offenses or not. That is 0.08 or above that you blow or other facts that can allege it to be a DUI.

attorney in OklahomaHowever, in Oklahoma, we also have a lesser offense, which is the DWI, driving while impaired, and that does not require that you blow a 0.08 or above, just that there’s evidence that your ability to operate a vehicle is being impaired by drugs or alcohol.

That crime is always a misdemeanor, no matter how many priors that you have. Is DWI in Oklahoma a felony? No, always a misdemeanor. DUI can be a misdemeanor or a felony. That’s what we call them in Oklahoma. Other states deal with it differently.

For instance, the main crime in Texas is DWI. Whereas the main crime here is DUI. Every state has its own laws and its own names and range of punishment for them. But DWI in Oklahoma, always a misdemeanor, maximum since months imprisonment.

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