Tulsa Attorney BlogIs Shoplifting a Felony in Oklahoma?

Its A Felony If the Value of Goods Is $1000 or More

Video Transcribed: Is shoplifting a felony in Oklahoma? I’m an attorney in Tulsa, James Wirth, and we’re talking about shoplifting, larceny of merchandise from a retailer, and is that a misdemeanor, or a felony?

attorney in OklahomaFor a first offense, if the value of the goods is below $1000, then that is a misdemeanor. For a second offense, still a misdemeanor. And it used to be, that the third offense for petty larceny was a felony. The law’s since been changed, and that is no longer the case.

For petty larceny, meaning that the value of the property taken was under $1000, it’s always a misdemeanor. However, if it is $1000 or more than at that point, it does become a felony. And that is, for the misdemeanor offense, it’s up to one-year imprisonment. For the felony offense, it depends on the circumstances.

If the goods are from $1000 to 2,500, then it’s up to two years imprisonment, and that’s a felony conviction if you’re convicted. And if it is 2,500 to $15,000, then the range of punishment goes up to a term, not exceeding, five years imprisonment.

If it’s above 15,000, or $15,000 or above, then it goes up to eight years imprisonment. So, can shoplifting be a felony? Yes. Is it always a felony? No. It depends on the value of the property that was taken, whether it’s petty larceny or grand larceny from a retailer.

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