Tulsa Attorney BlogSB 646: New Law Allows Authorized Liquor Store Employees to Carry a Firearm in Oklahoma

This Law Lightens the Burden on Employees

Video Transcribed: New law allows authorized liquor store employees to carry a firearm. I’m Oklahoma attorney, James Wirth, and it’s that time of year again where we’re talking about new laws that are going into effect. When laws are passed, unless it’s emergency legislation, it generally goes into effect in Oklahoma on November 1st of each year.

attorney in OklahomaNovember 1st is coming up so we’re going over all the new laws that may affect the people of Oklahoma out there. This one deals with an amendment to a law, and the law is actually Title 21, Section 1272.1. That law prohibits people from having firearms inside businesses that sell alcohol and that the sale of alcohol constitutes the primary purpose of the business.

This generally prohibits this law, anybody possessing a firearm in those businesses where the primary purpose is the sale of alcohol. The original statute has a couple of exceptions there. One exception is for an on-duty police officer and another exception is for the owner or proprietor of the establishment.

This amendment expands that a little bit, adds a new exception for authorized employees. Provides an employee of an establishment who has permission from the owner or proprietor of the establishment to carry or possess a weapon while in the scope and course of employment, is accepted from the rule that you cannot possess a firearm within that business.

That lightens the burden a little bit on employees when they have permission from the owner of the establishment. That is a law that’s going into place in Oklahoma on November 1st of 2021.

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