Tulsa Attorney BlogWhat is IDAP in Oklahoma in an Oklahoma DUI?

IDAP Is a Way to Maintain the Ability to Drive

Video Transcribed: What is IDAP in an Oklahoma DUI? I’m Tulsa DUI attorney, James Wirth. And we’re talking about the IDAP program and how that affects your ability to drive after a DUI or an APC in Oklahoma. Okay. So what is IDAP? It’s the impaired driver’s accountability program.

Anytime that you are arrested for a DUI if you refuse to blow, or you blow a 0.08 or above if you’re 21 or older or blood test results come back similarly, showing intoxication levels that are illegal, then you’re going to lose your driving privileges.

DUI attorney in TulsaAt that point, you’re going to give notice of revocation and you’ve got 30 days to decide what you want to do. And one option is to go into the IDAP program, and that’s the Impaired Driver Accountability Program. The other option is to file an appeal of the revocation with your county district court.

All right. Now, what are the pros and cons of each? Well, ultimately with the IDAP program you’ve got the right to that program. So long as you had a valid driver’s license at the time, there’s nothing else to hold your license back. You don’t have a CDL license that would prohibit it.

You have a vehicle that you can install an interlock device in, all of those things. If those are in place, you can decide to complete that program. The benefit of that program is although you will have to have an interlock device you have to blow into to get your car ignition going, once you are successfully complete that program, then that revocation will not be on your license and be on your driving record.

The other benefit of that is because you didn’t have the revocation, technically you don’t have to pay that same reinstatement fee is if you did. So, the Impaired Driver’s Accountability Program is a way to maintain the ability to drive, although with an interlock device, and also keep your record clean if you successfully complete that, as far as driving record goes without having to go to court and fight that revocation.

So there are a lot more issues potentially with the IDAP program and deciding whether you want to do that or not. I’m going to do some additional videos with more specific IDAP related topics for those who have DUI or APC charges in Oklahoma. If you’ve got questions about any of that, you’re going to want to talk to an attorney about that privately, confidentially. To get that scheduled with somebody at my office, you can go online to makelaweasy.com.

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