Tulsa Attorney BlogWhat Does “Current Monthly Child Support Obligation” Mean Under Oklahoma Child Support Definitions?

Child Support Obligation Covers the Proportional Share of Any Annualized Childcare Costs

Video Transcribed: What does the current monthly child support obligation mean under Oklahoma’s child support definitions? I’m Tulsa Child Support Attorney James Wirth. We’re doing a series of videos on child support in Oklahoma, and we’re going over the definitions. Those definitions are statutory.

attorney in OklahomaThis video is about the definition of the current monthly child support obligation and what does that mean? It is defined by statute. You can find it online. It is in title 43, section 118A, subsection three.

It says that the current monthly child support obligation means the base child support obligation and the proportional share of any healthcare coverage, cash, medical support, and annualized childcare costs.

What that essentially means is that when you have the party’s combined adjusted gross income, you put that into the graph or the chart, and it tells you the amount of child support. That’s your base child support. However, you then determine based on your respective incomes, what your pro-rata share is of health insurance and daycare costs.

Then that’s added onto the base child support obligation, and that’s where you get this definition for the current monthly child support obligation. That would be noted in your child support order as the amount of child support you’re supposed to pay each month.

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