Tulsa Attorney BlogWhat is “Base Child Support Obligation” for Oklahoma Child Support Purposes?

BCSO Is the Base Amount That You Need to Pay

Video Transcribed: What is the base child support obligation for child support in Oklahoma? I’m Oklahoma attorney James Wirth, we’re doing a series on child support in Oklahoma and the laws related to that.

attorney in OklahomaAnd we’ve got some definitions, and one of the definitions we’re doing is for this video, it’s a base child support obligation. So what does that mean? So generally speaking, common sensically speaking, your base child support obligation is the base amount that you need to pay per month based on the party’s incomes without factoring in additional things like, “What do I have to pay for daycare? What do I have to pay for health insurance?”

And those things. So it’s your base obligation before we have those addons. But we do have a statutory definition that has a little bit more detail too, so I can tell you what that says, let you know where to find that.

That is part of Oklahoma statutes, which can be found in Title 18, Section 118A, Subsection 2. And it says, “Base child support obligation means the amount of support displayed on the schedule of basic child support obligations, which corresponds to the combined AGI,” which is adjusted gross income, “…of both parents, and the number of children for whom support is being determined.

This amount is rebutted presumed to be the appropriate amount of basic child support to be provided by the parents in the case immediately under consideration, prior to any consideration of any adjustments for medical and child care costs and any other additional expenses.

So that is the definition of base child support obligation in Oklahoma. If you’ve got questions about that, or generally about child support, talk to an attorney about that privately, confidentially, so you can get into the details of your circumstances. To get that scheduled with somebody at my office, you can go online to makelaweasy.com.

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