Tulsa Attorney BlogWhat Income Is Excluded Under the Oklahoma Child Support Guidelines?

Oklahoma Statues Are Clear About Child Support Guidelines

attorney in OklahomaVideo Transcribed: Income is excluded under the Oklahoma child support guidelines. I’m Oklahoma attorney James Wirth. I’m doing a series of videos related to Oklahoma child support.

And specifically, we’re talking about what is included in your gross income upon which your child support obligation is going to be determined. And there’s earned income, there’s passive income, and then there’s a list of things that are excluded from being included in your gross income.

So what are those things? Well, they’re statutory. You can find them in Title 43, Section 118b, Subsection B. And that provides income specifically excluded is actual child support received for children, not before the court, adoption assistance subsidy paid by the Department of Human Services, benefits received from means-tested public assistance programs, including but not limited to TANF, SSI, food stamps, and general assistance and state supplemental payments for aged, blind and the disabled.

So all of those things are specifically excluded from your gross income when determining child support. So if you receive any of those benefits, you don’t include that as the number for your gross income.

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