Tulsa Attorney BlogDo Unemployment Benefits Count Toward Income for Child Support Purposes in Oklahoma?

Unemployment Benefits Affects Child Support Amount

attorney in OklahomaVideo Transcribed:  Do unemployment benefits count towards your income for the purposes of determining child support in Oklahoma? I’m Oklahoma Attorney, James Wirth. I’m doing a series of videos related to Oklahoma child support and this one deal with what is included as part of your gross income is what is not.

Specifically, we’re talking about unemployment insurance benefits. Does that count to go into your gross income for determining how much your child support is? And the answer is yes. And it’s all statutory; it’s defined by statute. You can find it in Title 43, Section 118B, Subsection A3I.

So what that says is as part of gross income, that includes passive income, and as part of passive income, that includes unemployment insurance benefits. So if you’re receiving unemployment insurance benefits, then that amount you’re receiving would go into the category of gross income for determining how much your child support obligation is.

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