Tulsa Attorney BlogHow Much Time Do I Need With My Child To Lower My Child Support in Oklahoma?

Increase Overnight Visits

Video Transcribed: How much time do I need with my child to lower my Oklahoma child support obligation? I’m Child Support Attorney in Tulsa James Wirth. I’m doing a series of videos related to child support in Oklahoma and Oklahoma child support guidelines.

criminal attorney in tulsaAnd the question is, “Well, how much time does somebody have to have, to where that lowers their child support?” And the answer is if you have 121 or more overnights than the shared parenting time adjustments, or the parenting time adjustment kicks in and should lower your child support unless there’s a reason for it not to.

But overnights don’t just mean overnights. It means at least a 12 hour period, and that you’re having additional expenses by having the child that long. So, if you have the child half the time, that’s 182.5 nights per year. You don’t have to have that amount in order to have it to are affecting child support. It just has to be 121 or more overnights per year.

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