Tulsa Attorney BlogSole Custody vs. Joint Custody: Does it Affect Child Support in Oklahoma?

Legal Custody Does Not Factor into Child Support

Video Transcribed: Does sole or joint custody affect my child support in Oklahoma? I’m Oklahoma Lawyer, James Wirth. We’re doing a series related to Oklahoma child support, the Oklahoma child support guidelines. And that is the question, and it’s a common question.

attorney in OklahomaIf I have sole custody, what’s the child support going to look, like if I have joint custody, what’s the child support going to look like? And the answer is, it doesn’t make any difference. When we’re talking sole custody versus joint custody, that’s legal custody.

Legal custody does not factor into child support. Physical custody can, and that is how many overnights does each party have with a child? So if you start getting 120, more than that overnights, that starts to affect the amount of child support. But as far as legal decision making, that is sole custody versus joint custody, do both parties have legal decision making? That means it’s joint custody, does not affect child support.

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