Tulsa Attorney BlogWhat is a Medical Support Order in Oklahoma?

Medical Support Order Is an Order for Healthcare Coverage

Video Transcribed: What is a medical support order in a family law case in Oklahoma? I’m Oklahoma Lawyer James Wirth. And that’s a question that we have. It’s part of a series that we’re doing regarding the Oklahoma child support guidelines and the rules regarding child support in Oklahoma.

attorney in OklahomaAnd for this question to be answered just like most of them we’ve been doing, so it’s all statutory, it’s part of Oklahoma law, and it can be found in Title 43, section 118f, Subsection A.

And what it provides is that the court shall enter a medical support order for health care coverage in any case in which an ongoing child support order is entered or modified. So any time that there is a modification or a new order for child support, the court shall enter a medical support order.

So what is a medical support order? Well, essentially that means that the court needs to order that the parents obtain and maintain health insurance coverage, or cash medical, which is money set aside for the purposes of payment of medical issues, or a combination of those two. So a medical support order is an order for healthcare coverage or cash medical.

And in the following videos, we’ll talk more specifically about what counts as healthcare coverage, and what exactly is cash medical. When you must speak to a Tulsa family law attorney or a Tulsa Child Support Collection Attorney please visit makelaweasy.com

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