Tulsa Attorney BlogOklahoma Child Support: What if Day Care Expense Goes Up?

The Parent Has 45 Days to Notify the Obligor

Video Transcribed: What if daycare expenses go up? How does that affect child support in Oklahoma? I’m Tulsa Child Support Collection Attorney James Wirth and that’s the question that we have. It’s part of our series related to Oklahoma child support guidelines and this one’s statutory as well.

attorney in OklahomaYou can find it in the legal books. It is title 43, section 118G and we’re looking at subsection D. And it says, “The district or administrative court shall require the parent incurring childcare expenses to notify the obligor …”, the person paying child support, “… within 45 days of any changes in the amount of the childcare cost that would affect the annualized childcare amount as determined in the order.”

So if daycare costs go up, the parent receiving child support, the parent responsible for paying that daycare has 45 days to give notice to the other parent, the obligor who’s paying child support so that they’re aware of that increase and can adjust accordingly.

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