Tulsa Attorney BlogWhat Happens If You Miss Court in Oklahoma?

A Warrant Is Issued for Your Arrest if You Fail to Appear for a Criminal Case

Video Transcribed: What happens if you miss court in Oklahoma? I’m Tulsa attorney, James Wirth, and that’s the question that we have. What are the consequences of not showing up for a court date? And that’s going to depend on the type of court date that you have.

attorney in OklahomaGenerally speaking, if you fail to appear for a civil court date, then if you’re a plaintiff, it’s very likely that your case could be dismissed, if you’re a defendant, it’s very likely that a default judgment could be entered against you.

If you fail to appear for a criminal case, then what happens is a warrant is issued for your arrest, a notification goes to your bail bondsman, and they’re going to be trying to pick you up to get you back into custody.

If it’s an asset hearing, then that’s a little bit different scenario. That’s where you maybe have got a civil judgment against you, they’re trying to enforce that judgment, they set for an asset hearing to see what assets you have, what money you have, maybe work out a payment plan on that judgment, maybe find some assets they can attach, some bank accounts they can levy.

If you have failed to appear for that, even though it’s civil, an arrest warrant is likely to issue for you, and the amount of the bond, it’s going to be a cash bond that’s probably going to be set for that in the amount of the judgment.

In any scenario, if you fail to appear in court, you’re going to want to talk to an Oklahoma attorney about the consequences of that immediately. If you want to speak with my office about your specific circumstances or get legal advice, you can do that by going online to makelaweasy.com.

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