Tulsa Attorney BlogHow Does My Ex’s Current Income Affect My Child Support in Oklahoma?

Income Plays A Huge Role in Child Support

Video Transcribed: How does my ex’s current income affect my child support in Oklahoma? My name is James Wirth, and I am a child support attorney in Tulsa.

That’s the question we have as part of a series that we’re doing related to Oklahoma child support, Oklahoma child support guidelines. The question is, how does my ex’s income affect my amount of child support?

child support attorney in OklahomaSo the parties’ income will be the primary factor in determining the amount of child support.

The higher the total income, the higher the total amount you’re looking at in Section 119 of Title 43. And then your pro-rata amount that you’re going to pay as your base child support is determined on a comparison of your income versus the other party’s income.

So if the other party, the other parent’s income goes up, that means that the base total amount of child support is going to go up, but that your pro rata share of that is going to go down so that ultimately your child support amount is going to be less.

So if the other parent’s income goes up, your child support goes down if it’s recalculated, and everything else stays the same. If the other parent’s income goes down, that means that your child’s support is going to go up. Everything else remains the same.

But you’ll want to look at your circumstances to know what to expect. The Oklahoma child support guidelines are out there.

There is an Excel spreadsheet promulgated by DHS where you can plug numbers in and see how those work. But for specific circumstances, you’re going to want legal advice to your specific circumstances. So to get that scheduled with somebody at my office, you go to makelaweasy.com.

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