Tulsa Attorney BlogCan I Get My Child Support Changed If I Lose My Job?

Losing Your Job Is Grounds to Modify Child Support

attorney in OklahomaVideo Transcribed: Can I get my child support changed if I lose my job in Oklahoma? I’m Tulsa attorney James Wirth. If I lose my job, can I change my child support? The answer is yes.

Losing your job, where your income goes from a set amount to essentially zero, will be a material change of circumstances related to child support that will be grounds to file for a child support modification.

The important thing to remember about modifying child support is that you can’t do it retroactively. Do not wait. If you wait to file, if you wait six months after you lose your job to file to see if you’re going to get another job, that’s going to be months that have gone by where you cannot have a change in your child support.

Once you file your motion to modify, it may take a while to be heard, but once it is heard and decided, it can go back to the date you filed the motion, but not before that. It’s not retroactive in that respect, so don’t wait.

Losing your job is grounds to modify child support, so you want to do that quickly and get that done to get a new appropriate order. Hopefully, that answers your questions related to modifying child support. If you lose your job, you can.

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