Tulsa Attorney BlogOnce Child Support is Awarded, How Long Until Payments Begin?

The First Payment Is Usually Due on the First Day of the Subsequent Month

Video Transcribed: Once child support is ordered. How long until payments begin? I’m Oklahoma attorney James Wirth asked the question that we have received. Once there’s a court order for child support, when does that start? I can tell you that I think it’s based on statute. If you go to court and the court enters an order for child support, the first payment is usually due on the first day of the subsequent month.

attorney in OklahomaHowever, it can be different if there’s an agreement reached to handle it differently, where the court orders it to be done differently, then it can be different. But what is most common that we see? And I think it’s because it is statutory, is that it would be the first day of the month that comes after the date that that order is entered.

However, just because that’s the first day that a payment is due, that doesn’t automatically mean that that is the first timeframe for which a payment is accrued for child support.

The law allows you to go after child support for two years if the parties were not married. If it is a marriage, you can go back to the date you filed the divorce petition. So there could already be a back amount of child support accrued on the date that the court order for child support is entered.

But when this is the first payment due, usually that’d be the first of the following month. Suppose you’ve questions about child support in Oklahoma, family law, or any other legal issue.

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