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Finding Someone in Booking Is Easy as Can Be


Tulsa criminal defense attorneyVideo Transcribed: How do you see if someone is in Tulsa County Jail? I’m James Wirth. I am an Oklahoma attorney. That’s the topic that we have, and you can look at the booking info.

That’s the answer, Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office, that maintains David L. Moss Jail for pre-trial detention. They have a website that’s got information on there where you can search to see who is in custody. Fairly shortly after someone is booked that information is placed on there, so you can pull it up, find out why they’re being held, bond amounts, and information like that.

To find that, I’ve actually got the link on the page up above if you want to take a look at that, but I can read it to you as well. It is https://iic.tulsacounty.org/expinmatebookings, so that’s icc.tulsacounty.org/expinmatebookings. You can go to that page as I have below me, and then there’s certain information that you need to enter. It’s got a couple of fields there.

You just enter the first name, and last name, and that’ll show you anybody that’s matching those results that are in custody currently, what they’re being held on, and information related to bond if the bond has been set. Also, it could have the court date listed on there that you then can pull up on oscn.net to get more information about their case, if it has progressed that far.

However, if you do have somebody that is in custody, you’re probably going to need some legal help on that, and you’re going to want specific advice on their circumstances.

For that, you’re going to want to talk to somebody confidentially. To get that scheduled with a Tulsa criminal defense lawyer at my office you can go online to makelaweasy.com.

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