Tulsa Attorney BlogCan You Still Get Unemployment Benefits If You Quit Your Job in Oklahoma?

There Are Exceptions Where You Can Still Receive Benefits


unemployment lawyer in TulsaVideo Transcribed: Can you get unemployment benefits if you quit your job? My name is Jason Sorensen. I’m a Tulsa lawyer here at Wirth Law Office.

Today we’re going to be talking about qualifications for unemployment benefits. In most cases, quitting your job is one of the two biggest things that will make you ineligible for unemployment benefits. However, there are two exceptions to that. One, if there was a compelling family circumstance, or two, there was good cause for quitting.

A compelling family circumstance could be something like needing to leave work to take care of a terminally ill parent, and a good cause could include things like workplace harassment or unsafe work conditions.

This is just general information. If you would like more information on whether you qualify for unemployment benefits or if you need help in an unemployment case, visit us at makelaweasy.com to get in touch with an Oklahoma unemployment attorney.

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