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Records Stay On There until Expungement


criminal defense attorney in OklahomaVideo Transcribed: How do you check Oklahoma DOC records? I’m Oklahoma lawyer James Wirth. That’s the topic of this video, checking Oklahoma Department of Correction records.

Those are records that would show somebody that’s being incarcerated in Oklahoma penitentiaries currently, somebody that could be on probation through DOC supervision, or somebody that was previously incarcerated and has been released. All of those records stay on there unless and until the person receives an expungement and they can be taken down.

For the most part, those are complete records regarding who has been sentenced and held in the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, who is, or who is on probation, or who was on probation. So how do you get those records? Well, I’ve got the website pulled up here, so you can actually see the URL for that that you can type into your browser. It’s okoffender.doc.ok.gov. Again, that’s okoffender.doc.ok.gov.

Once you get onto that page, there are some fields that you can fill out. You can look somebody up by their DOC number. If not, if you don’t have that, then first name, last name. If there are too many people with that first name and last name, you can also include the date of birth in order to narrow that down. People can also be looked up by their AKAs and similar-sounding names if you check the appropriate boxes for that.

So, if you have questions about someone’s history with DOC, you want to do a background check, there are a lot of ways that that can be done, but one of them is to check DOC records in Oklahoma. If you think they have been sentenced to a jail time of over one year, that would be penitentiary time as opposed to county time, you can look them up on this website.

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