Tulsa Attorney BlogOklahoma Law: What is an Arraignment?

Arraignments Can Help Secure Bail


criminal defense attorney in OklahomaVideo Transcribed: What’s in an arraignment? Hi, my name is Jason Sorenson. I’m an attorney in Tulsa, Oklahoma at Wirth Law Office, and today we’re going to be talking about arraignments. So what exactly happens at an arraignment?

An arraignment is the defendant’s first appearance in court in a criminal case. So this is the time when the court will tell the defendant what the charges are against them, what the complaint is against them, and the defendant will have the opportunity to get the police reports that were filed against them. If the defendant’s already in custody, then the defendant will also have the chance to argue bail. So it’s a crucial step in a criminal case, but this is just basic information.

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