Tulsa Attorney BlogOklahoma Personal Injury: Do I Need to Take Pictures after My Car Wreck?

Pictures Can Be Helpful Later On


car accident lawyer in TulsaVideo Transcribed: Do I need to take pictures after my car wreck? Hey, everyone. Christopher Stevens here, a certified paralegal with the Wirth Law Firm in Tulsa, Oklahoma, specializing in personal injury law in Tulsa.

Today we’re discussing whether or not you need to take pictures after your car wreck.

Now, immediately after the car wreck, this might be one of the furthest things from your mind is to get out your phone, and start taking pictures. There are a few things that should take place over that. You need to get to safety, call the police, and things like that. But once everyone’s safe, you should start taking pictures. Make sure you get pictures of the damage to the vehicle, yours and the other person’s, maybe some pictures of the scene, pictures of your driver’s license, and insurance. All of that is going to be incredibly helpful down the line.

Another thing you should also consider taking pictures of are your injuries. One thing that has helped our clients’ cases out quite a bit is not only great pictures of the property damage but also pictures of the injuries that they sustained. A lot of the time, bruising is one that people don’t even think about, especially because bruising can go away so quickly. But whenever clients are able to take those pictures of the bruising, if there’s seatbelt bruising, if they hit their leg on the dash and that caused bruising, anything like that should be documented as soon as possible, and not only after the immediate incident but also as the days go on so you can really see the progression of your injuries. The same as whenever you have stitches or cuts. Anything like that should always be documented.

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