Tulsa Attorney BlogOklahoma Personal Injury: Should I Call The Police After A Car Wreck?

Police Are like Umpires in Car Wreck Situations


car accident lawyer in Tulsa, OklaVideo Transcribed: Should you call the police after a car wreck? Hey everyone. Christopher Stevens here, a certified paralegal with the Wirth Law Firm in Tulsa, specializing in Oklahoma personal injury law.

Today we’re going to be discussing whether or not you should call the police after you’ve had a car wreck. Now, immediately after the car wreck, there are probably quite a few things rushing through your mind, seeing if everyone’s okay, looking around to see if there are any other cars coming up, and things of that nature. Once everyone is safe from any immediate danger, you should definitely either reach out to the police yourself or have someone nearby call them.

Now, I’ve had quite a few clients in the past with the firm who initially said, “Hey, the other person admitted at the scene that they were at fault.” They said, “Oh, my insurance will take care of it.” Police weren’t called. And then later it becomes an issue of he said, she said, how the wreck actually happened.

Now, the police can actually act pretty well as umpires, you’re calling balls and strikes saying, “Hey, this person ran the red light, or this person was going too fast,” based on their observations at the scene. And a lot of the times that can also just help facilitate the exchange of information. If, for instance, you’re the victim of a motor vehicle collision, the other party is not wanting to provide you with and say, their insurance or maybe a copy of their driver’s license.

The police can enter into the situation and help calm the tensions and facilitate that exchange of information. They’ll also generate a police report, which will be incredibly helpful to your legal team down the line once you try to file a claim or if even need to file a lawsuit down the line.

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