Tulsa Attorney BlogCan You Get a New Attorney in the Middle of a Case in Oklahoma?

Can You Get a New Attorney in the Middle of a Case in Oklahoma?

Tulsa court lawyerVideo Transcript: Can I get a new attorney in the middle of my case? Hi, my name is Jason Sorensen, I’m a lawyer in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and today we’re going to be talking about getting a new attorney when you already have one.

So the simple answer to that is yes, you can get a new attorney in most cases. And usually it’s as simple as just firing your attorney and getting a new one. Because you as the client do have the right to choose your counsel and have the person that you think best represents your needs as long as you can afford that person. So usually, like I said, you just talk to your attorney, have them withdraw, or talk to a new attorney and have them do a substitution of counsel and in effect, have the old attorney withdraw.

However, that being said, the judge does have to allow that withdrawal and substitution of counsel if you’re getting a new attorney. And some of the common scenarios for a judge denying that withdrawal is things like there being a trial coming up. So if there’s a trial coming up or a hearing that the new attorney would need time to prep for and there’s not enough time for that attorney to prep for, a lot of times the judge will deny it. But in most cases it is a relatively simple matter to get a new attorney if you are not satisfied with the attorney that you currently have.

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