Tulsa Attorney BlogHow Many Divisions Does the Tulsa Municipal Court Have?

Each Division Has an Assigned Judge and Prosecutor


Oklahoma traffic ticket lawyerVideo Transcribed: How many divisions does the Tulsa Municipal Court have? I’m Oklahoma lawyer James Wirth, and we’re dealing with issues related to the Tulsa Municipal Court. How many courts are there? How many judges? How many divisions? So if you’ve got a traffic ticket from the Tulsa Police Department, and it cites you to go to court at the Tulsa Municipal Court, most of the time, you can look at that ticket and find out which division you’re in.

A lot of times, they put it on there, not always, but a lot of times, they do, and it would be division one, two, or three generally because there are generally three divisions. And each one has its assigned judge as well as an assigned prosecutor that works in that division, so look at your ticket and check. And if you don’t know, based on looking at your ticket when you go to court, there are docket sheets. They’re hanging out in the hallway next to each of the three courtrooms.

You can look on there. Look for your name on there for the time that you are set. If it’s not on the one, go to the next, go to the one. As an attorney representing people there, many times, not knowing what division they’re in, I have looked through those many times to find my client to find out where they are and where to go. Once you know what division you’re in for that citation or ticket, it’s not going to change divisions. It’s going to stay there. So, although sometimes the judges may move, although that’s very rare, the prosecutors do rotate regularly. But your ticket will stay in the same division until it is resolved.

Now, how do you know what division you are in? Another way, looking at the ticket, they’re actually assigned based on the ticket number, so one, two, and three. If the last digit of that ticket number is one, two, or three, then it’s going to put you in division 1, four, five, six, division 2, seven, eight, nine, or zero, going to be division three. Now I have heard some talk recently, they’ve been doing the fourth division. If anybody has any information on that and wants to post that, post a comment below to let everybody know about that kind of new thing in Tulsa Municipal Court.

But if you’re dealing with a ticket in Tulsa Municipal Court, city court here in Tulsa, you’re going to want to talk to an attorney about that likely, see what your rights are and how to handle that. For specific advice and confidential communication with a lawyer, the attorney-client privilege is provided to that then you’re going to want to go online and get that scheduled with a Tulsa traffic ticket attorney here. To do that, go online to makelaweasy.com.

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