Tulsa Attorney BlogWhat Happens if Somebody Violates the Terms of a Temporary Order in Oklahoma?

There Are a Few Options to Handle the Situation


divorce attorney in Tulsa, OKVideo Transcribed: What happens if somebody violates the terms of a temporary order? Hi, my name is Jason Sorensen. I’m a lawyer in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and today we’re going to be talking about violations of temporary orders.

A temporary order is an order that is temporarily issued between two parties while they wait for a divorce to be finalized. A lot of times parties will violate the terms of those orders, such as not allowing the other parent to see the child, or they aren’t paying the child support that they were told to pay, or maybe they sell property that they weren’t supposed to sell. What can the party that is a victim, as a result, do when the other party does that kind of thing?

There are a few different options. One of the easiest ones is to just have your attorney reach out to the other party’s attorney and have the other attorney talk some sense into that party and ask them to stop violating the court order, and tell them to start paying the child support or let you see the child, things like that. That’s usually the quickest and easiest way to get that matter handled. A lot of times that isn’t enough, and sometimes parties don’t have an attorney representing them so that isn’t an option.

When that’s the case, a step farther than that would be to file a motion for contempt on the other party. That’s your way of letting the court know that the terms of the order have been violated and the court needs to step in and do something about it. When somebody has a motion for contempt filed against them if the court does agree that there has been a violation, then there are certain penalties that that party can face, such as things like a $500 fine, and even jail time up to six months if the court thinks that the violations are severe enough and if the party really needs to learn their lesson to stop violating that order.

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