Tulsa Attorney BlogWhat is Discovery in an Oklahoma Divorce Case?

Discover Three Types of Discovery Questions

divorce lawyer in OklahomaVideo Transcript: What is discovery in an Oklahoma divorce case? My name is Jason Sorensen, I’m a Tulsa attorney, and today we’re going to be talking about discovery in a divorce case.

Discovery is really just a way for both sides to obtain more information about the other party, concerning the case. There are really three types of discovery questions that people see in the written discovery requests.

The first type are interrogatories. Interrogatories are open ended questions that require the other side to answer. Those types of questions can be anything like, please list all the different people living in the residence, so the person answering that question would have to list all the different people that live in the house with them. It’s just a way of asking an open-ended question and getting that kind of information from the other side.

The next type would be an admission. An admission is more of a close-ended question that just asks the other side to either admit or deny to a fact, such as, “Please admit that you consume alcohol around the minor children,” or, “Please admit that you have a separate bank account.” The party answering those questions would either admit or deny each one of those admissions.

Then the third type of discovery is production. Production is asking the other side to produce certain documents, such as W2 forms, bank statements, a copy of the current lease that they have, things like that. Financial information is typically very relevant to a divorce case, so usually both sides have the right to see that kind of information.

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