Tulsa Attorney BlogWho Is the Judge in Tulsa Municipal Court?

There Are Permanent and Fill-in Judges


Video Transcribed: Who is the judge in Tulsa Municipal Court? I’m Tulsa, Oklahoma lawyer James Wirth. That’s the question that we have done a series of videos, kind of exploring what to expect and what goes on at Tulsa Municipal Court in case you’re charged with a crime or a traffic citation there.

So primarily there are three divisions, three main courtrooms there, and each one has its own assigned permanent judge. And then there are also fill-in judges that help from time to time.

So for division one, the presiding judge is Gerald Hoffmeister. For division two, it’s Mitchell McCune, and for division three it’s Lisa Deller. In addition to those, there are part-time associate judges that fill in as alternate judges, Patrick Bolden and Darnell, Jessica Tate, and Kyle Alderson. That’s just a few of those. There’s actually more than that.

But if your case is assigned to a certain division, you can see from that list who your assigned judge is going to be. Although if they’re unavailable, on vacation, whatever, then one of those associate judges may be filling in.

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