Tulsa Attorney BlogWhat Is a Pretrial Docket in Oklahoma?

This Is Your Chance to Talk to the Judge

criminal defense attorney in OklahomaVideo Transcript: What is a pretrial docket? Hi, my name is Jason Sorensen. I’m an attorney in Tulsa, Oklahoma at Wirth Law Office, and today we’re going to be talking about pretrial dockets.

So, pretrial docket is a short hearing earlier on in the criminal case where the defendant gets to tell the judge whether they’re pleading guilty or not guilty. Now, usually if the defendant is pleading guilty, it’s because they’ve come to an agreement with the prosecutor for a lighter sentence. So, a lot of times they’re pleading guilty to a lesser charge, and the prosecutor is giving them a lighter sentence, so the judge can accept that plea and give you that lighter sentence if that’s what they want to do.

But if you’re pleading not guilty, then the judge will set the case for a trial date, and then the case will just continue as normal. But it’s a simple step in the criminal case matter, but it is an important one. So, it’s important to have an attorney there to represent you on that, and hopefully get you a good deal before that or prepare you for trial if that’s what you want to do as well. But this is just basic information.

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