Tulsa Attorney BlogRelative Taking Child during Visitation: Permission Required in Oklahoma?

Don’t Break the Rules, Check Your Agreement First

Tulsa child custody attorneyVideo Transcript: My child’s grandparents want to take my child during my visitation time. Do I have to get permission from the other parent to do so? Hi, my name is Jason Sorensen. I’m a Tulsa lawyer here at Wirth Law Office and today we’re going to be talking about that.

So let’s say that you and the other parent have a custody agreement, where you have visitation time or they have visitation time, and maybe your parents or your brother or sister, even a friend wants to take the kid during your time with the child. Do you need to ask the other parent if you can do so?

Well, generally the answer is no, because generally parents can do the things they want to with their child during their time with the child, and they can also let other people watch the child during their time with the child, such as getting a babysitter or spending time with the grandparents.

Generally, parents are allowed to do that. However, many orders have specific language in there that prohibit parents from being able to do that. So it really comes down to what does your order say? Does your order have prohibiting language like that, because if it does, then the answer could be no. But this is just general information.

If you want more specific information about your case in particular, or if you want us to go through your order and see if there is that kind of limiting language, then you can contact us at makelaweasy.com to speak with an Oklahoma child visitation attorney.

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