Tulsa Attorney BlogWhat Can I Do if the Other Parent Isn’t Returning My Child after Their Visitation in Oklahoma?

Enforcing Your Court Order: Options for Custodial Disputes

Tulsa child visitation attorneyVideo Transcript: The other parent isn’t returning my child. What can I do? My name is Jason Sorenson. I’m a Tulsa lawyer with Wirth Law Office, and today we’re going to be talking about that.

So what can you do if you and the other parent split custody and the other parent hasn’t returned the child and won’t return the child when it’s back to your turn for the visitation or for your possession of the child? Well, there’s really three options.

The first one is you can call law enforcement and hope that they can give you some assistance with that. You can call them and ask them to perform what’s called a civil standby, which would be them coming with you to enforce the terms of your custody order. However, a lot of times that isn’t very effective because a lot of police officers don’t want to get involved in civil matter. So a lot of times that one doesn’t work.

The next one would be to contact an attorney and have them file what’s called a writ of habeas corpus. This is one way that you can enforce your visitation order or your custody order and get your child returned to you.

And the third way is to file a contempt citation. That’s another thing that would be easier with the assistance of an attorney, but that’s your way of letting the court know that they haven’t abided by your court order. And this is just general information.

If you need more specific information or if you’d help with one of these options, then you can contact an Oklahoma child custody attorney here at Wirth Law office at makelaweasy.com.

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