Tulsa Attorney BlogWhat Is a Suspended Sentence in Oklahoma?

Postponing Punishment, Prioritizing Reform

criminal defense attorney in Tulsa, OKVideo Transcript: What is a suspended sentence? Hi, my name is Jason Sorenson, I’m a Tulsa lawyer at Wirth Law Office. And today we’re going to be talking about suspended sentences.

A suspended sentence is when the defendant is convicted of a crime, but they’re postponing the sentence or the penalty part of it.

So they don’t actually go and serve time in prison or jail because they’re suspending it, or postponing the sentence part of it. So it’s a little bit different than a deferred sentence, because a deferred sentence doesn’t actually have the conviction.

But the suspended sentence does have a conviction, but they’re just postponing the penalty. And the defendant wouldn’t have to face that penalty as long as they comply with the conditions of that suspended sentence.

So a lot of times they have to check in with a probation officer if it’s a supervised suspended sentence. But as long as the defendant complies with those conditions of the suspended sentence, then they don’t actually have to ever see any jail or prison time.

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