Tulsa Attorney BlogWho Are the Chief Judges for Tulsa County in 2023?

A New Year, A New Team

Tulsa criminal defense attorneyVideo Transcribed: Who are the chief judges in Tulsa County for 2023? I’m Oklahoma lawyer James Wirth. That is the topic of this video.

Each year, you have an opportunity where the judges can vote and have different chief judges for the divisions in Tulsa County. We’ve got the administrative order AO 2023-4 filed on January 25th of ’23, and that sets who is the chief of each division in Tulsa County for the year.

For the Civil Division, it’s District Judge Kelly Greenough. For the Criminal Division, District Judge David Guten. For Family Law Division, providing oversight on that as the chief judge is District Judge James Huber. For the Juvenile Division, it is District Judge Kevin Gray. And for the Probate Division, it is District Judge Kurt Glassco.

Now for some of these alternative courts, we have additional oversight. Judge Rebecca Nightingale is going to supervise the Alternative Court programs, and Judge Kelly Greenough will supervise the court’s Domestic Violence programs. And Caroline Wall will be the court’s liaison to the Early Settlement programs. So those are our chief judges for Tulsa County.

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