Tulsa Attorney BlogI’m Not Happy with My Lawyer. How Do I Get Them to Get Out of My Case?

Steps to Replacing Your Lawyer & Moving Forward

lawyers in Tulsa, OklahomaHow to Replace Your Lawyer

I’m not happy with my lawyer. How do I get them out of my case? I’m Tulsa attorney James Wirth, that’s the question that we have. It’s actually a very common one that we receive when people call us or send forms through our website, asking legal questions.

If they’ve already got an attorney, sometimes they ask us, how do I get rid of my current attorney? There are multiple ways to do that. Obviously, you could contact your attorney, let them know that you’re requesting that they withdraw from your case, that you get a last invoice to settle that all up, whether you are entitled to a retainer back or whether you’ve got additional funds to pay on that invoice, and then get a copy of your file in order to provide to your new attorney.

But a lot of times I just tell people it’s simple. If you’re looking for a new attorney, hire a new attorney, that new attorney can handle that part for you as far as communicating with the prior attorney, getting that information, and moving forward on the case, either by having the prior attorney file a motion withdraw or having the new attorney do a substitution of counsel.

Hire a New Attorney

So if the question is how to get my new attorney out, well, ask them to withdraw and close out your case, hire a new attorney, get them in, or hire a new attorney and have that new attorney handle those communications so that you don’t have to keep it smooth without too much difficulty.

So if that’s the question that you’ve got or you’re dealing with other issues regarding the law in Oklahoma, you’re gonna wanna talk to an attorney privately and confidentially to receive legal advice.

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