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Tulsa lawyerTulsa County Judge Ann Keele Resigns Position

Tulsa County Special Judge Ann Keel is stepping down. I’m Tulsa Attorney James Wirth, that’s the topic of this video.

Been hearing some rumors the last couple of days that Judge in Tulsa County Special Judge Ann Keele was stepping down to go back into private practice. We have confirmed with a court clerk that this month in June, perhaps at the end of the month, she will be stepping down from her judgeship, currently as a Special Judge in Tulsa County, handling the protective order docket. She just took over that docket in January of this year. Prior to that, she was handling a family law docket.

What Does This Mean for the Protective Order Docket?

With the protective order docket, that docket moves pretty quickly, compared to family law cases that can go on for years. Most of the time, a protective order is filed, and set for hearing, maybe you get one pass or so, but generally they’re resolved pretty quickly. So losing a judge from that docket is not as disruptive as losing a docket from the family law docket, where she was moved from in January. However, it does take time to get a replacement judge, and Judge Huber, actually, when he ascended, there was no replacement yet for him, and now we have a second position that needs to be replaced. So I am told that in the interim period for the protective order docket, Judge Ludi-Leitch will be filling in to make sure that that docket is called once Judge Keel leaves the bench.

What Does This Mean for Tulsa County?

But we’re gonna be short yet another judge in Tulsa County, where we already have very busy dockets and not enough judges, so that could be difficult times to come for that. If this is going to affect you and you’re on that protective order docket, you might wanna know how specifically it may affect you.

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