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drug court in tulsa

What is Drug Court in Tulsa?

Drug court is a diversionary program in which defendants are allowed to receive treatment for their substance abuse difficulties as well as any other issues they’ve been having through the therapy reviewed by the court rather than going through the ordinary procedure of prosecution and serving a sentence.

In this situation, a person would attend treatment programs, appear before a court on a regular basis for evaluation of treatment progress, attend counseling, and be drug-tested on a regular basis. Then, after a period of time ranging from 18 months to three years, that person’s case would be dismissed. They would then be able to have that case dismissed and begin again.

How Does Drug Court Work in Tulsa?

Drug Court programs are typically structured into phases that participants must successfully complete. These phases usually include the following:

  1. Orientation and Assessment: The process typically starts with an orientation and assessment phase. Eligibility is determined based on criminal history, current charges, and substance abuse history. Eligible participants are provided with information about the program and expectations are clearly communicated.
  2. Intensive Supervision: This initial phase usually involves close supervision by the court, frequent drug testing, and participation in treatment programs. Participants may be required to make regular court appearances for progress reviews.
  3. Continued Treatment and Supervision: Participants continue with treatment and counseling sessions, but the frequency of court appearances and drug testing may decrease if the participant is showing progress. Education or employment requirements may be added at this stage.
  4. Transition: This phase focuses on preparing the participant for completion of the program and for reintegration into the community. There is continued treatment and supervision, but the focus is often on developing necessary life skills, maintaining employment, and further reducing the frequency of court appearances and drug tests.
  5. Completion: Upon successful completion of all program requirements, participants may graduate from the Drug Court program. This often involves a formal graduation ceremony. At this point, depending on the specifics of the program and the participant’s case, charges may be dismissed or sentences reduced.

Again, this is a general description and the specific stages can vary significantly based on the local rules and regulations. It’s also important to remember that participants who fail to meet the requirements at any stage may face sanctions, including potential expulsion from the program and imposition of the original sentence.

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