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Understanding the Role of Special Judges in Oklahoma

lawyers in Tulsa, OklahomaUnderstanding Special Judges in Oklahoma

My name is Oklahoma lawyer James Wirth. In state courts in Oklahoma, we have three types of judges: special judges, associate judges, and district judges. But what exactly is a special judge? In simple terms, special judges are the lower-level judges who handle specific types of cases. They are appointed by the district judges, which are the highest-level judges in state courts.

A district judge can hire a special judge, or if there’s more than one district judge, they can vote on who to hire as a special judge. Special judges deal with lower-level proceedings, such as family law cases, misdemeanors, protective orders, and DPS hearings.

Limitations of Special Judges in Oklahoma

While special judges play an essential role in the Oklahoma state court system, they have limitations. For instance, they cannot handle civil cases above $10,000, and they cannot deal with any other felonies except DUIs that become subsequent ones.

However, special judges alleviate some of the burdens off district and associate judges, and their pay is not that much different. Their pay is set by statute, and currently, a special judge in the state of Oklahoma earns $122,954 per year. The district judge earns a little more at $145,000 and some change.

The Process of Pay Increase for Special Judges in Oklahoma

The board that makes recommendations for pay increases is proposing a 7.67% pay increase for those judges, including special judges. If approved, it would increase their pay to $132,000 per year.

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