Tulsa Attorney BlogWhat Is Aggravated Assault and Battery under Oklahoma Law?

Understanding the Severity of Aggravated Assault Charges

lawyers in Tulsa, OklahomaUnderstanding Aggravated Assault and Battery in Oklahoma

This is Oklahoma attorney James Wirth. Aggravated assault and battery is a serious offense in Oklahoma. As a resident of the state, it’s essential to be aware of what this charge entails and how it differs from simple assault and battery.

Simple assault and battery is a misdemeanor offense that involves the willful, unlawful use of force or violence upon another person. However, when the facts alleged include great bodily injury caused to the victim or committed by a person of robust health or strength upon one who is aged, decrepit, or incapacitated, the charge becomes aggravated assault and battery.

Defining Great Bodily Injury

Great bodily injury is a term used in Oklahoma law to describe the severity of the injury caused to another person. It includes bone fractures, protracted and obvious disfigurement, protracted loss or impairment of the function of a body part, organ, or mental faculty, or substantial risk of death. If any one of these factors is present, a simple assault and battery charge can quickly become an aggravated one.

It’s important to note that maiming is another related offense charged less frequently than aggravated assault and battery. If the injury is permanent, simple assault and battery can become maiming, which is a serious crime with a higher range of punishment.

Seeking Legal Advice

If you’re facing allegations of aggravated assault and battery, seeking legal advice is essential. Talking to an attorney privately and confidentially about your specific circumstances can help you get legal advice on what’s best for you. At Wirth Law Office, we offer free consultations to help you understand your legal options.

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