Tulsa Attorney BlogWhen Does Assault & Battery Become Maiming in Oklahoma?

Understanding the Legal Distinctions of Maiming Charges

lawyers in Tulsa, OklahomaUnderstanding the Definition of Maiming in Oklahoma

I’m Oklahoma lawyer James Wirth. Assault and battery are serious offenses, but when does it become maiming? The answer lies in the intent to cause injury and the resulting permanent disfigurement or serious injury. In Oklahoma, the definition of maiming is more severe than simple assault and battery, and it can result in up to a lifetime imprisonment.

In a recent case, the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals found that a woman who punched someone from behind and caused permanent damage to their face was guilty of maiming. The victim suffered a loss of 90% of vision in one eye and drooping on their face. Although the jury decided to give the defendant two years in prison instead of a potential life sentence, the severity of the injury caused it to be classified as maiming.

What Constitutes Intent to Cause Injury?

To be charged with maiming in Oklahoma, there must be an intent to cause injury. This means that the perpetrator must have intended to cause harm or knew that their actions would likely cause harm. In the case of the woman who punched the victim, the court found that there was intent to cause injury because the defendant kicked the victim while they were on the ground.

The Importance of Permanent Disfigurement or Serious Injury

Intent to cause injury alone is not enough to classify an assault and battery as maiming. The injury must also result in permanent disfigurement or serious injury. This means that the injury must be significant and generally permanent in nature, although it doesn’t have to be completely permanent. If the injury is severe enough to cause permanent damage, it can be classified as maiming.

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