Tulsa Attorney BlogWhy It Is So Important to Raise and Preserve Objections at an Oklahoma Trial?

The Importance of Objecting and Preserving Objections

lawyers in Tulsa, OklahomaWhy Raising and Preserving Objections at Trial is Crucial

As a Tulsa lawyer with years of experience, I cannot stress enough the importance of raising and preserving objections at trial. This topic was spurred by a recent case, Charles v. State of Oklahoma M-22-174, where the defendant’s attorney failed to object to certain issues during the trial, which had a significant impact on the appeal process.

When you don’t object to an issue during the trial, it becomes harder to appeal later on. The court will only look at whether an objection was raised or not. If there was no objection, the court will apply a higher standard called the plain error standard, which can be extremely hard to meet. To be entitled to relief under the plain error doctrine, the person appealing must prove that there was an actual error, that the error was plain and obvious, and that it affected the outcome of the proceeding.

The Importance of Good Counsel

It’s essential to have a good attorney who can monitor everything that’s happening during the trial and raise objections when necessary. Many people get annoyed when an attorney interrupts the pace of the trial to note an objection, but that attorney is trying to preserve a record for appeal, so they don’t get the plain error standard. This is why objections are so crucial, and every defendant needs to have a vigilant attorney by their side.

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