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Know Your Rights: Understanding HOA Covenants & Restrictions in Oklahoma

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Understanding Homeowners Associations

Hi, I’m Mayes County attorney Lindsay McDowell. If you’re living in a neighborhood with a homeowners association and it’s driving you crazy, you’re not alone. Homeowners associations are governed by the Oklahoma Real Estate Development Act. When you buy a home and piece of property in that neighborhood, you are required to be provided with a copy of the covenants and restrictions of the neighborhood.

This is very important because in order to be governed and controlled, you must have a copy of this information. A homeowners association is required to provide that to the title company conducting the closing and that must be provided to you at the time of close of sale, handed to you personally, or sent to you by certified mail or via electronic transfer.

Once you receive that copy of the covenants and restrictions, you are bound by those and they may use those to employ certain restrictions and covenants on those who live within the neighborhood. You are also entitled under an HOA to bring suit to enforce those covenants and restrictions against any other neighbor or individual who owns a home and lives in your neighborhood.

Dealing with HOA Restrictions

This means that if you feel that your neighbor is painting their home purple and that’s not a color under the covenants and restrictions of the neighborhood that’s approved, that may be something that you can pursue with your neighbor through a lawsuit or through other activities, maybe negotiation, maybe discussions with your homeowners’ association board of directors.

There’s lots of information to understand with a homeowners association and I’m happy to answer any questions you may have. You can reach me through MakeLawEasy.com.

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