Tulsa Attorney BlogNew Law Makes It a Misdemeanor to Spy with a Drone in Oklahoma

New law in Oklahoma criminalizes drone surveillance.

HB 3171

A new law in Oklahoma makes it a misdemeanor to spy with a drone. I’m James Wirth, an attorney in Tulsa. We’re doing a series of videos based on new laws in the state of Oklahoma. This one deals with HB 3171. It actually creates a new law, a new crime in the state of Oklahoma.

And what it notes is that no person using an unmanned aircraft system or drone shall, and it has a list of different things that are now illegal in Oklahoma law.

Illegal Activities with Drones

One is trespassing onto private property or into airspace within 400 feet of the ground with the intent to subject anyone to eavesdropping or other surveillance. That’s now illegal as a misdemeanor.

Intentionally use a drone to photograph, record, or otherwise observe another person at any place where the person has a reasonable expectation of privacy. That’s now a misdemeanor offense.

Intentionally land a drone on lands or waters that are the private property of another without the consent of the owner. So if you’re using a drone in the state of Oklahoma, you violate any of those provisions, you could be charged and convicted of a misdemeanor, and have the potential of up to a year in jail.

Exceptions and Government Employees

There is an exception that includes in the statute and notes that there’s an exception for government employees or contractors operating a drone within the scope of his or her lawful duties. So everybody else has to work out, but the government gets a free go on it, I guess. But that’s what the law says there.

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