Tulsa Attorney BlogNew Law Requires Better Reporting of Municipal Convictions in Oklahoma

New Law Ensures Complete Reporting of Convictions

HB 3066

A new law requires better reporting of municipal convictions in the state of Oklahoma. I’m Tulsa Lawyer James Wirth, and that’s the topic that we have. We’re covering some new laws in Oklahoma that have recently gone into effect. This one is HB 3066. It is in effect now in the state of Oklahoma, and it only adds six words to the statute.

And the six words that it adds are, of this state, including municipal courts. So basically it just adds the inclusion of municipal courts to make sure that conviction information is being sent to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation so that that information is in background checks that people do through that agency, which that agency also reports to the federal reporting.

So previously there were municipal arrests, those are city arrests, would typically be reported and would show up in those OSBI background checks, but some municipal courts, perhaps some of the smaller courts, were not doing a good job of updating those records when there is a conviction in the case to letting OSBI know what was the disposition of that arrest, what happened that, was it dismissed or it resulted in a conviction.

Closing the Loophole for More Comprehensive Background Checks

And that caused the OSBI’s background checks, the more official background checks, not to necessarily be complete. The idea of this law is to close that loophole by specifically noting that municipal courts are required to provide that information to OSBI to update those records so that OSBI ideally has a more comprehensive, updated, and correct background check.

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