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What Are My Responsibilities While Being in Drug Court in Tulsa County?

If you do get accepted into the drug court program, what you’ll need to do is, first and foremost, follow the rules that will be set out for you. There’ll be an extensive list of rules that your attorney will go over with you. You will be agreeing to pay the fees and fines associated with being in the program over an extended period.

You’ll also be agreeing to the following:

  1. Regular Court Appearances: You’ll be required to make regular court appearances so the judge can monitor your progress. This can include providing drug test results, discussing your treatment, and responding to any issues or concerns the court might have.
  2. Drug and Alcohol Testing: Frequent and random drug and alcohol testing is typically a major component of Drug Court programs. This testing is used to monitor compliance with the program.
  3. Substance Abuse Treatment: As a participant, you are generally required to participate in a treatment program. This can include counseling, therapy, support groups, or other types of substance abuse treatment.
  4. Comply with Case Management: Case managers or probation officers are often assigned to help you navigate the system and ensure you’re following all requirements. You’ll be expected to meet with them regularly and follow their instructions.
  5. Education and/or Employment: Many Drug Courts require participants to be employed, in school, or in some form of vocational training.
  6. Follow All Laws: Beyond the drug and alcohol rules, you’re also expected to follow all other laws. Any legal trouble can result in sanctions or expulsion from the Drug Court program.
  7. Pay Required Fees: Some Drug Courts have fees that participants must pay. These can include court costs, treatment costs, or other fees.

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As always, you should be speaking to a Tulsa drug court attorney about these issues. If you are interested in the drug court program in Tulsa County, call the Wirth Law Office of Tulsa. One of our Tulsa drug court lawyers will be in touch with you shortly.

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