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If you’re in the Drug Court Program, you will not be working directly with staff of Tulsa County Courthouse. You’ll be working primarily with staff of the Drug Court Program. These are people who work alongside advocates and clinicians at such wonderful places as Action Steps or Family & Children’s Services. These are people who have made it their life’s mission to help people with substance abuse problems and other issues, and they will be your cheerleaders in going through this program. They will want to see you succeed, and so these are people that you can count on.

While the specifics can vary between jurisdictions, you will generally work with the following professionals during your time in a drug court program:

  1. Drug Court Judge: The presiding judge provides direct oversight and makes final decisions about your progress, including penalties for noncompliance and rewards for achievement. The judge usually interacts directly with participants during court hearings.
  2. Prosecutor: The prosecutor represents the state or the government and is responsible for protecting public safety. They might make recommendations regarding your participation in the program and contribute to discussions about your progress.
  3. Defense Attorney: Your defense attorney advocates for your best interests and rights within the program. They ensure that you understand all parts of the process and that the program upholds its legal responsibilities towards you.
  4. Probation Officer or Case Manager: This person monitors your compliance with the program’s terms and conditions, such as drug testing, attendance at treatment sessions, and other requirements. They also regularly report to the court about your progress.
  5. Treatment Providers: These are healthcare professionals who provide the substance abuse treatment services that are central to the drug court program. This could include therapists, counselors, physicians, or other healthcare workers.
  6. Drug Court Coordinator: This person oversees the program’s operations, coordinating the team’s efforts and ensuring smooth communication among team members.
  7. Peer Mentors or Support Group Facilitators: You may interact with individuals who have successfully completed drug court programs themselves or with facilitators who run support group meetings. They provide insight, motivation, and real-world advice for navigating the program.

Remember, all these professionals are there to help you succeed in overcoming substance use challenges and reintegrating into society. Communication and honesty with your team are crucial to make the most of your drug court program.

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